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Saturday, April 16, 2011

...a moment...

Lent, Day 33

Sometimes, when I am almost to my pre-determined destination...I stop.   

(or, rather, what I would look like at this age)
As if drawn by an invisible force, I slow down...
going from a sprint
to a jog
to a walk
to nothing.
Just standing...
suddenly contemplating what is needed to finish the last leg of a race that had, up to that point, been run with such non-thought out enthusiasm.

Today it hit me.

Only 7 more days (well six actually, but I want to make my final post on the first day after Lent is over) but only a week more before this season is over. In some ways, it seems like forever since I began...but in others, it seems like it has always been this way.  Me, Him and a daily plan that doesn't include knowing what everyone and their mother is up to...and them not knowing about me either.

I do admit that there is such freedom in being UN-social media-lized. Being able to rely on the fact that it is restricted from my day-to-day activities is beyond a blessing, as I am out of the madness that comes when addicted to something.

So I stand here, at a resting point as I gather up the energy needed to move forward...to face the last stretch that leads me up and out of this fasting season and back into "normal life"...

...and I wonder if anything will ever be this sweet again.

For more information about this celebration of Lent on the pad
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Looking up as always...


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