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Friday, April 15, 2011

...merciful graces...

Lent, Day 32

My smiles today came in pieces...like envelopes in the mail, opened one by one, I found personalized moments of joy sent just for me.

They came in small, calm waves...and they wash over me now, refreshed and renewed...and I smile again.

In his not one...not two...but three phone calls to remind me that he loves me.

In the new-to-me Fossil handbag that I was so admiring on Ebay, purchased by a great mom-in-love...given a month before my birthday because she hates waiting as much as I do.

In silly banter between me and the eldest of our brood as I pulverized her in a game of Words With Friends.

In our son's willingness to push the cart thru the grocery store as we filled the cart with yummy goodness for a night at Grandma's house...and his willingness to load the car so I didn't have to lift anything "too heavy" for me.

In watching the kids work their little pah-tooties off, cleaning for Grandma...only to enjoy the thrill of jumping off the diving board into the refreshing blue, California warmed swimming pool.

In sharing my heart with a mom-in-love, who is also one of my most cherished friends.

In knowing that one niece gave up her bed, just for me...and that the other gave up hers so she could share the room with me.

They wash over me fresh and I find my heart renewed and ready for another new day...full of His merciful graces...gifts I don't understand or deserve.

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