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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...an attempt...

Lent Day 24

In the midst of trying to find balance within by seeking His wisdom, I have found myself wondering: Is it enough?

...I sometimes forget to praise thru the tears.
...I often babble on and on without letting Him reply.
...I usually show up frazzled and off-kilter.
...I can wander off, distracted mid-sentence.

So, is it enough that I came
  ...seeking and desperate...
       despite not having it all together?

Well, praise God for good friends who give small books full of healing wisdom.  I picked it up on a whim and opened to today's dated entry...and proceeded to cry tears of great joy.

"I meet you in the stillness of your soul. It is there that I seek to commune with you. A person who is open to My Presence is exceedingly precious to Me. My eyes search to and fro thoughout the earth, looking for one whose heart is seeking Me. I see you trying to find Me; out mutual search results in joyful fulfillment.

Stillness of the soul is increasingly rare in this world addicted to speed and noise. I am pleased with your desire to create a quiet space where you and I can meet. Don't be discouraged by the difficulty of achieving this goal. I moniter all your efforts and am blessed by each of your attempts to seek My face."

Written as words from Christ's mouth to the seeking heart, Sarah Young's book Jesus Calling shot straight thru the clouds of doubt and directly into my heart.

And I am thankful for the fact that I made an attempt in the face of all that works to pull me back.

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