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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Lent, Day 25

She sits across from me, pouring out her heart. 
Confession, confusion, childish humor...
mingling to create conversation
long over due
never too late.

    I listen until she is poured out,
    almost sixteen year old thought processes
    interweaving into a tapestry of desperation
    purely and simply pleading:
    "what am I worth?"

I call her beautiful
watching her eyes fill
tears heavy with doubt and longing,
salty from a desire unsatisfied...
and my heart cries out.

    The injustice now laid bare
    as this amazing creature
    flesh of my flesh
    blinks back the river of pain
    once buried within, now flooding me over.

Pouring out like a river 
I speak and her dam breaks open
emotion raw and rawness embraced
truth explained and fault accepted
we embrace to hold each other together.

I praise Him for this sweet gift.

We met here,
for just this sweet moment,
not as mother and daughter...
but as equals 
women on this playing field of life.

On a side note...
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For more information about this celebration of Lent on the pad
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