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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Lent, Day 13

There isn't much to be said today...

I took my daily walk with the cutie-pah-tootie that I nanny and I found myself silenced against the beauty that comes as a storm rolls down off the mountains and into the valley we call home.  (We are just a biiit spoiled here in Sunny Cali...as "storm watch" means grab an umbrella and turn your headlights on.)

As the winds kicked up, my eyes moved to the skies...watching the vibrant blue give way to the white and grey.  Clouds that fluttered...stretched...absorbed...bringing in the chilled air, pregnant with the anticipation of soon to come downpours.

As I stopped and watched the clouds march across the sky...and I found I had nothing to say.

...in aware and in total awe of the Master Painter...

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