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Thursday, March 24, 2011

...caught and romanced...

Lent, Day 14

I am going to be honest with you.

I have been sitting here for almost an hour...

writting a sentence and then erasing it...

creating a five paragraph post, only to realize I had no idea what I was trying to say...

starting down another thought trail, only to backspace it letter by letter, knowing I was going nowhere.

It isn't that I have nothing to say...anyone who has ever met me would tell you quite the opposite!!  In fact, I know it is quite the oppposite cuz I have so much going on inside my heart and my mind that everything is fighting to be heard...leaving me struggling to make this fit with that.

And just when I was ready to just post something I meant (but not really)...the phone rang.

The caller and conversation that took place aren't what got my attention as much as the fact that the phone rang just as I was going to give up trying to write this post...and just as my eyes moved across the open page of my journal, grabbed in a last ditch effort to find anything that would cause mental focus enough to write.

The words, written in orange marker, seem to jump off the page...screaming "Post Me!!"...even as they melt into my mind, seeping over a battle-worn and tired heart...giving comfort and peace where there has
been nothing but chaotic chatter all day. 

Jotted down in an in-between moment of silence a few mornings back, these words offer the meaning that I have needed but couldn't seem to find...

...and as I read them, I find a smile in knowing that He is there. 

...He sees me and knows that I was searching, lost and unaware of where to go.

...and in prompting her to call me, He caught my attention and romanced my heart back His way.

And so...I give you: My Real Post

"My soul with expectation
depends on God indeed;
My strength and my salvation
doth from Him alone proceed."
(taken from my Lent devotional)

so many places i search -
when You alone provide
so many times i run -
when none from You can hide
i pray this heart be Yours
and all that trembles within
i pray You take me over -
that I'd never wander from here again.
(found inside my heart)

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