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Sunday, January 9, 2011

...in the beginning...

Your devoted touch
whispered over my skin,
each fragment of me
warmed upon Your gaze
by Your remembrance of me
a figure here upon newborn soil

thoughts of tomorrow
foreign and unknown
as each moment "now" thrived
pregnant with charges of love
full with expectation of You
in this world awakened

here i drowned without fear
for You beckoned sweet
i surrendered without thought
as i knew no other way
to love and be loved was "now"
perfect and untarnished

...except for then
...except for that

now i bleed within
shriveled from lack of light
broken by a simple moment
i forgot You
selling that touch for a bite
first succulent then bitter

oh my sweet Maker,
to go back i wish
to relive what I killed
my soul screams out
divided and naked i long
and now am never satisfied

in the beginning
there was You
there was me
there was peace
there was us
and now...i die

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Thinking of Eve while looking up as always...

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Diane said...

Love you friend! :O)


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