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Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh yeah...I'm hip.

Ok so.

Diane, over at That's What I'm Here For, posted a vlog...and she did it with such simple ease that I had the thought: Hey, maybe even I could do that...and so I did...and I am actually going to post it. 


That being said...I have a few "let's get this straight" comments before you view the video:

1 - I love my dog so much that I no longer notice his annoying habits...cuz that is the essence of love.  So it wasn't until the video was uploaded and ready to go that my daughter pointed out his barking...so I apologize humbly BUT it took me 400 takes of ridiculousness to get this 30 second video and I am not redoing it.  So...sit back and show some Skipper luv...and know that I will do my best to shush him next time....if there is one.

2 - That pile behind me is NOT dirty laundry (as was pointed out by another child), but rather a pile of newly donated hand-me-downs for the Bina 5.  I hid the dirty pile in the other room :)

3 - You think I talk a lot via blog???  Ha ha ha...my sweet friends, you are about to witness the verbal speed that feeds my thought process.  (And yes, I do think with the "...." included.)

So...now that I feel my housekeeping issues have been addressed...let me know what you think and BE NICE!

Listening to myself ramble amuck while looking up as always...


Kim said...

pssst, did you know you had an annoying dog barking in the background? ;) Love you!

ps, Skipper, I think you need some xanax. lol

BARBIE said...

I loved it. I am thinking maybe I could do this too? Hmm, maybe one day. Loved the doggie barking in the background!

alicia said...

I think you got a cough at the end.. that's too bad.
You, charming as always, however I think Skipper was trying to tell me that he misses me...

Iowa will do the vlog when NY and Cali are here with me to do a group effort. Thankyouverymuch.

Diane said...

You're part of the hip and happening crowd now. We're so it!!! :O)

Karen said...

Bina, that was cool! Your voice is as sweet as you are. Yep, Diane has started something.

Sara said...

Yay!! If it's even possible I LOVE you even MORE now!! :)


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