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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Entering The Funhouse

passionate and real, the music...it calls to me,
ringing out the truth i remember and still hold down deep inside.
refractions of reality bend and break open inside...
...and as my mind plays in the fields of then
i inhale, deep.

thick and deep, the fog invades...spinning me around.
it wraps and creeps, concealing the ground and my feet below.
distortion of no bottom causes me to admit what i tend to hide...
...and as i let myself be embraced by just this moment
i let go.

...and i wonder if i ever cross your mind
for me it happens all the time...

subtle and soft, the mirrors...they start to turn.
blinding me, catching the lights that bounce like lasers off the walls.
reflections of the past move to the forefront of my vision...
...and as the places i've left become the reality for a time
i drown.

honest and aware, the exit blinks...calling me out.
drawing me, offering me the safe entrance back into the reality i love,
i find myself running to the security of today and now...
but i find that as i let go of what was to refocus on what is...
i bleed, just a little.

...guess i'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all...

...but here goes nothing
here goes everything..
i live for You.
i need Your strength.
i need Your help,
O Lord...

Listening to a mix of musical mix, while looking up as always...


alicia said...

I'm so glad you've found your exit...much love my friend.

Karen said...

"Here goes nothing, here goes everything," is so true in anything we do in life. You have such word, imagery! Blessings**

Jennifer said...

"I wonder if I ever cross your mind"--this poem speaks to me, but finding that exit back to your life is much better than being stuck inside. It's when I can't find my exit that I pray for God to give me one.

Laura said...

Oh yes -- we do need Him.

This was thought-provoking and lovely!


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