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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Daddy's Girl

(And for the new peeps on this blog, lest you be frightened off...I don't normally post 3 times in one day ~ is just a manic blog high kind of day, I guess. Ha ha )

When my husband and I met, almost 9 years ago, he had "his" daughter and I had "my" kids...they blended well and I praised God daily for that.  So the day I found out that I was pregnant, all I could do was pray that this child would be the perfect blend between these four children...the bridge that links them all together...that closes the gap between "my" fair skinned redheads and "his" deeply tanned brunette...and, oh my, she is exactly that!

She has my smile and my heart...but she is so very much his.  His beautiful brown eyes, his hands, his softly tanned skin, his darker hair and his sense of humor...this little girl resembles the man that swept my heart away.

I love this picture because these two love to bicker...and here, for a moment, they look like a Daddy with his baby girl...and it melts my heart. :)

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Looking up as always...


blueviolet said...

You couldn't have written anything sweeter to accompany that photo. :)

Diane said...

Very wonderful! :O)

alicia said...

Such a sweet photo!!

Rhonda said...

Oh wow. That was awesome!

Tamika: said...

Beautiful picture! I thank God everyday that my husband loves "my" daugter like his very own. She is really.

Now we have a daughter together and our family is perfect.


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