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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grace Gifts, Week 4

In my "middle-of-the-week-of-this-crazed-hyperactivity-that-is-my-life" tradition, I lay out the things that I see each day that I know are gifts from God...soft, sweet kisses to my cheeks.  If you want more info on this is or why I do it, you should start with my first post on Grace Gifts here

And now, on with the show:

38. Cool Whip...in a can:

39. Watching my girls sit on the front lawn, giggling and shivering-cold, while waiting for the dark clouds that droop overhead to unload the promised rain.

40. Praying a desperate prayer while driving in the car, laying my heart fully on the line with God and totally giving up any pride or control in a situation...and then getting an email from my husband a few hours later saying he got the call that my simple lowly heart begged the Lord to send.  He leaves me in awe...not because He moves...but because He chooses to move for ME!

41. FALL:  Cold winds.  Dark clouds.  Smell of rain.  Sound of leaves rustling on the ground.  The need for jackets in the morning and a blanket at night.  *sigh*

42. The gift of leftover firewood for use on a nippy evening.

43. Knowing that I was missed while I was gone for 2 days:

44. The warmth of my husband's shoulder when my heart is breaking.

45. The blessing of retreat...tears, laughter, food...bliss.

46. Getting to sleep in a cabin full of women who are over-tired, over-fed, maxed out on sugar, much too loud and, because delirious, willing to put goop on the neighboring cabin's door handle and then feign innocence.  And then, once clear, sneaking over to run into their darkened room, just as they start to sleep, to snap pictures of them...and then run, hoping to not get caught, back into our room.

47. Having the occupants of said neighboring cabin force their way into ours as they shut off the lights in order to pelt us with silly string in the blackness that comes at 1 am up in the mountains.

48. Watching the videos from said attacks that were taken on my camera...hee hee

49. "I love you, Mommy...even if you are grumpy today."

50. Taking my baby and her baby to the store for a last minute-who cares if you are already in your pj's-out in the rainy weather-but we need to have some chocolate-trip to the store.

51. The humility found in watching His blessings pour in when I stand firm in the areas He has asked me too...even when I have to battle the desire to go the other direction.  You, who are reading now, are one of those blessings :)

They are simple...some make me laugh and some make me take a deep breath...but all are lovely and pure...all are excellent and true...all are real. They are the blessings that make up my life...they are my the physical showing of grace from God's hand....and they cause my cup to run over!
What are yours?

Listening to the laughter of the kidlets while looking up as always...


Diane said...

I love you even when you're grumpy... lovin' it. :O)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Those are all awesome, love the cabin fun! Right now, since we just adopted a kitten and a 3 yr old cat, I'm going to add purring and feline snuggles to my list.

Kim said...

I actually went back to your first post on this (as a new follower to find out what it was about) I LOVE it and it is something I need to take the time to do myself, be it on my blog or on paper...

To many times I get overwhelmed by something not going right that I forget about all the things that I am grateful for and thankful for and appreciate...

Thank you for the reminder!

alicia said...

I love Wednesdays. Your blessings are huge. Thanks for sharing again!
Cinnamon Rolls are on my blessings list this week... and a tentative girls date night for Friday- pizza, pj's, wine, and a movie. That's right, I aim high.
Blessings on your Wednesday!

3 Blessings said...

I love the cool whip picture. Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. I am sorry, I haven't had a chance to get around to everyone's blog lately. I hope I will catch up on everyone soon.

Bina said...

Diane...kids. They say the darndest things :)

Eileen...I wish I weren't allergic to kitties as I love kittens SO much! That is a great praise!

Kim...I am glad that God could encourage you to find your blessings. It is hard to do some weeks...I sit at a blank screen and really have to think. :) I am praying for your journey on it!

Alicia...your cinnamon rolls make MY list and I didn't even eat them! They look delish!! I hope your Friday night out works out for you...am sure that will be a much welcomed time away!

Thanks for stopping by, y'all! :)
Hugs to you...Bina


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