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Friday, September 11, 2009

Book Lover

I like books. 

When I say "like", I mean love.

When I say "love", I mean I crave them with every fiber of my being. 

It is almost scary.

There was a time when reading was my unhealthy escape from reality, as peering into someone else's window to watch them sort thru life is much easier than having to live it out yourself.  That was one of the first things God came in and dealt with me on when He announced that the time had come for me to stop play-acting at life.

Now...I read to escape the craziness of life instead of the emotions of it.  Over this past month or so, I have dug into quite a few books and come across a few quotes that have challenged me...made me stop, reread them at least three times and put the book down to think. 

Thought I would post them here to see if is just me...or do they make you sit back, narrow your eyes and look off to the right while you twirl them around in your mind too?

"He wondered sometimes what she saw. He couldn't help the intensity on his face sometimes. What she and others sometimes saw as anger or frustration was really deep down hurt or sadness."
Travis Thrasher from Isolation

"For the sake of Jake, her youngest, they must follow the ways of Elyon (aka God).  For the sake of her father, Qurong, commander of the Horde, and her mother.  For the sake of the world, they had to cling to what they knew, not what their emotions demanded from them.  To take up arms now would make a mockery of all the Circle (the church/Christianity) stood for."
Ted Dekker from Green

"But the next day, Abigail was surprised to see the photo gracing the...bulletin board.  She knew she was looking at herself because seeing the...desk was a sort of deja vu - she had been there before. If not for that, Abigail would never have believed that the woman staring back at her was her own reflection. The woman in the photograph had luminous black eyes...  Her skin glowed faintly and her shadowy curls were framing and soft. 
The woman was lovely. 
Abigail wished she knew her."
Nicole Baart from The Moment Between

Oh, and did I mention...I really love books.

Looking up as always...


alicia said...

I just finished reading "The Moment Between" last week! Love, love, love that book! Then I was excited because I ran into Nicole at Wal-Mart the next day, so of course I had to tell her how much I loved it!
I too love books so much! But yes, they can be an escape or a cover up if we aren't careful.

Bina said...

....let me get this straight. You bumped into Nicole in WalMart??? Nicole Baart...in WalMart??... *jealous*
tee hee hee

I related to Abigail in Nicole's book a little too much for my comfort. I related to the story...to the emotions...and most especially to the quote I posted. Nicole is an amazing author!

But seriously...get me an autograph next time!!! LOL

alicia said...

Ha!! Just swing on out to Iowa, Bina, that's all ya have to do!

I went to grade school and high school with her-- we were cheerleaders at the same time- although she was on Varsity while I was a lowly JV squadron. It's not something I claim often to have been and if you use it against me I will deny it!

Bina said...

WAIT!!! You not only ran into her at WalMart...you KNEW her when y'all were forming human pyramids while wearing short skirts??? *snicker*

I live in the OC...I have stepped on Jackie Chan, been touched by Brad Paisley (really...he stroked my arm...*sigh*), have looked the idiot by staring at Kobe Bryant when I didn't mean to...I have seen my fair share of peeps...but you get Nicole??

I will be on the Friday plane out...prepare a bed for me in your house. I like hot baths, only the red and purple Skittles and no wrinkles in the sheets...and I will be finding some pics of you in uniform to post on my blog for next week.

*running too fast to catch*

alicia said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I have the bed already to go, I will set the kids to work on the skittles (I won't touch the other colors myself, you'll have to settle for a shower - I don't share my big tub- especially with blackmailers, and if you find that picture, watch out. I mean it. Watch out. Paybacks baby, paybacks!

Bina said...

Ok so don't take this the wrong way, but in reading your reply to my reply, I could only smile and think to myself:

"I think I love her."

ha ha ha!!! Thanks for making my Monday morning so laughter-filled!


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