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Monday, August 24, 2009

Frozen Lungs & Spaghetti Sauce

I hear you all asking in the backs of your minds (ok not really but it really is better that you just go along with me at times...): what is happiness to you? And the answer is simple:

Happiness is when a friend whose car fits all of my kids just happens to come to visit my church on the same day that I have an asthma attack and can bring them home all while conspiring with another friend to ensure I have a day without much responsibility in that they work together to provide my children not only lunch but dinner (that includes a hot pot of home-made spaghetti sauce that should be called a "love in a pot") so that I can get a nap to replenish my sleep and medication to relax my spasming lungs all while they cause me just enough laughter to make them spasm more while also forcing me to see that lack of sleep causes an odd deliriousness that leaves me embarrassing myself as a tired mind can cause "loose lips"...*ahem*.

Ok so that might not have been the simplest of answers...but when I realize that I have people willing to put their lives on hold just to make my day better just because...well, that is as close as I can get. :) The fact is that while only two of them were present at the undoing of my lungs & mind yesterday, I have the world's greatest friends!!

You know who you are...and I love you all!!

Looking up as always...

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