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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dust Bunnies and Praise Music

I have friends that would tell you that my house is always clean (...and I would tell you that I pay those friends quite a bit of money to STAY my friends). There are those that would walk thru, loving my house but silently noticing the things I didn't do...like the dirt that is unreachable by the broom in the corner of the bathroom floor, hand prints on the walls, etc. Then I even have a few that will leave my home and comment to others on how gross it is that my kitchen floor hasn't been mopped in over 2 weeks. (When I hear about THAT, tho, I just send them a beautiful invitation with my daily schedule so they can pick the time they want to come back and mop for me...)

I am learning, little by little, to let what other people think of my home's cleanliness go. A people pleaser by nature, it can be hard to remember Who it is that I work for and who lives here. I realize that God gave us this home so we could open it to our loved ones for His sake...and I also acknowledge that I am not always on top of my game when it comes to giving it all the attention it needs...but I also know that the bottom line of every job that I do is how GOD & my hubby feel about what it is that I do or don't do. (And both are happy to let me know when they think the floors deserve some soap and water...believe you me!!)

That being said, there is a small fact that I realized long ago:
The state of my home is a direct reflection of the state of my heart.
~ "Haven't touched a think in days" messy home = cluttered, weighted down, heavy heart
~ "Hey, the surface is clean" home = am facing God, but not necessarily going the extra mile
~ "Busted my butt for hours" clean house = He and I are on a roll!!

After our Sunday School class yesterday, I felt a stirring my heart. As I woke up this morning, I had the thought run thru my brain What can I do to please my Lord today...just wanting something more for me and God. Then weight of things on my mind tried to push in and I sunk down under the covers...but thru the miracles of laptops, I came across Aaron Shust's blog entry from a week or so ago.
I so appreciate His using another's words to help me to remember: some mountains are God-sized and we need Him to carry us over...and some are self-made & can be crossed by simply trusting Him enough to get out of bed! I am up. I am dressed...and now my iPod and I are ready to move from room to room today, cleaning beyond the surface.

Looking up as always...

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Kelly said...

The clutter in my space often weighs me down emotionally, and likewise, when I am weighed down, my space is also a disaster. It's so hard to do the deep down cleaning that needs to be done, but once you do it, it's totally worth it, literally and spiritually. Keep cleaning girl...and as for those people who notice the (extremely) minor imperfections in the cleaning of your home..I'm with you...hand them a mop.


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