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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Got My Attention

There really isn't much point to this entry other than to say I am so very intrigued right now. An author that I follow on Twitter (Beware of shameless plug: Travis Thrasher *ahem*) mentioned a book he was reading...so I researched it a bit and then picked up a copy. It is called "Demon: A Memoir" (by Tosca Lee...you can enter for a chance to win a copy for yourself here) and it really has me digging thru my Bible. I know it is fiction...and I know it is written by a mere human...but it has really set my Spirit on fire as far as drawing closer to my God and Creator...my Adonai!

For a lot of people I know, most of whom are Christians, spiritual warfare isn't the preferred conversation. It unnerves and unsettles..but it is something I know first hand both as one who has been pulled from and as one trying to help pull from the clutches of addiction. It is a real battle being fought all around us...and it is more unnerving to face head on than any book can play out for you. I have felt the cold presence of evil...and then have basked in the warm glow of His love.

As one who has battled, for my own life as well as for the lives of a few others, I can tell you: angels, demons...God and Satan...they are real. And although I haven't seen any of it with my eyes, I honestly believe that anyone who finds an honest relationship with God, the eyes of your heart will be opened to the reality of what life is about...of what is going on around us. It isn't the cars, clothes, weight, or even about life being "fair". It is about God's battle for the souls of the ones He loves most...us.

Saw this pic online and it struck a chord in me so I thought I would post it here...

That was it - nothing more...just putting it out there. What do you think?? Think on it and let me know!

Looking up as always...

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