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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can't This Wait???

Today is my husband's birthday. He wanted no gifts other than to spend a day relaxing with his family, so we were going to his parents house for a day of fun and fellowship. As I began to put together the home-made enchiladas for our dinner, I heard a call from across the house. With my hands covered in meat and cheese, I tried to ignore the sound of "Moooommyyyyy" that suddenly rang out by singing a little louder to the music blasting from my iPod.

When the call rang out again, I got a bit frustrated and yelled out "What??"

The voice: "Can you come here?"

Me: "Uh, not really. I am cooking. Can you come here?"

The voice: "Uh, not really. I am in the bathroom."

Sighing heavily, I held my hands up in front of me like a surgeon after washing and walked towards the bathroom.

Me: "What do you need?"

The voice: "Help."

Me: "My hands are covered in food gook...can this not wait?"

The voice: "...not really."

Me: "Really??? Ugh. Hold on and let me wash my hands then."

As I stomped back towards the kitchen, mumbling under my breath about kids and their impeccable timing, a thought hit me: What would I do if God ever responded to my call with:
I'm busy ~ can't you come to Me?...
Really...this can't wait???
Ugh...hold on while I finish what I am doing.
As soon as that ran thru my mind, I could only laugh at how petty I sounded when my kiddo needed me...were the enchiladas so important that I couldn't stop for 1 minute to help her??
I smiled up at God in thanks for His attitude check and went back to the voice in the potty room with a knowledge that if God can still hold up the universe while being there for me as often as I call (...and I call a LOT....), then the enchiladas could survive the simple interruption of a child from the bathroom.
And amazingly...they did! :)
Looking up as always...


Brazil Team 2009 said...

I wish I had been as aware as you are when I was your age. You may think that it's crazy making to be "deep", but I think you're blessed to be SO aware of God's ability and strength.

Love you,


Bina said...

There are so many days when I really DO think I am crazy...but then I realize that He likes me that way!!


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