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Friday, August 28, 2009

Words For The Wise...

Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, EVER allow yourself to say to God:
"You and I have gotten so close lately...You have shown me so much of You and Your will...and because we are so close now, there is nothing that You can ask me to do for You that will freak me out. Really. Show me, Lord. Where to next?"
Ya, NOT that I have personally attempted this or anything...
Just some, uh, totally random advice....cuz I, uh, have heard that He can still freak a person out...no matter how close they think they are to Him. See...He is still, like...GOD and we are still very simple minded people who have no clue about where His mind can go!!
I'm just sayin'....

Totally shaking in my boots while...Looking up as always...

1 comment:

Noel said...

Mhmmmm...I was just thinking and saying that today..GOD is amazing for getting us out of our comfort zones!!!


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