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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mud Pies & Ice Cream

It was $1 on eBay...and it was only 111 pages long. So when I took this paperback novel in as my "light" reading material for my bath tonight, you can imagine my surprise when I found it to be one of the most powerful books I've ever read. I would love to say it was the steam that made my eyes run, but it was the power of love that made my tears flow on this.

I won't even bother listing the author's name, as I am sure it would just make you roll your eyes, but he has once again showed his ability to reach into my heart and make me a part of his world. There really isn't much I can add to the words contained within the covers of this book, but I am amazed at how easily an author can knock thru our own walls of denial and get straight to his issue before you even realize he is there!

In his tale of two "beauties" named Nadia and Marci, this unnamed (*cough teddekker cough*) author reaches past the perception of beauty and shows the blindfolds that society forces upon our eyes. In the words regarding Father Michael "Before, his sight had been masked by a preoccupation with the reality that now seemed foolish and distant by comparison. Like mud pies next to delicious mounds of ice cream."*

As I finished this "little" book and wiped the tears from my eyes, I realized that my inability to see past what I choose to notice about people keeps me from the truth of His love...not only for me, but for everyone around me. I am limiting God to live within a box that says "Well, one day I/she/he will be beautiful in heaven, but boy did He mess up in the here and now!!" How horrible it is of me to allow my own warped perceptions cloud the beauty of His creation in ALL His works...both inside AND out! The inside when we are wiped clean of the stain of sin...the outside at creation, under the workmanship of His hands we are MADE beautiful.

These truths invaded my steam-filled bathroom and caused me to bow my head in prayer to the One who has made us all beautiful...I confessed my own inability to see even myself in the light that He created me in and I asked for a chance to see from Heaven's perspective when it comes to the beauty of EVERYone around me.

If you don't ever read any of his other works, this one is a great "starter" that's worth the small amount of money and time needed to invest...
* Father Michael's words taken from Chapter 10

Looking up as always...

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