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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Chapter!!!

Ok, so yes, I freely admit it.
I am a fanatic of Ted Dekker's books...I know that hasn't been obvious at ALL, but thought you should know. I just inhaled another one called Skin in merely a few days.
When I first finished this particular book, I was totally stumped as to how the lessons in it would apply to my life. I mean, I was captivated by the storyline and I did see the message he had woven, but I honestly didn't think it would go further than just being a good book.
And then...this morning happened.
I was just working my way thru my daily Bible study when all of a sudden the world around me seemed to disappear as God used a combo of that book and my study book to speak to my heart. As I read from a passage in the Bible, Ted's use of video gaming and his character's words "You have to beat him at the game. He's bound by the same rules you are..."(*) all came rushing to my mind. All at once clarity hit me: He came to play by the rules.. Satan wrote himself into the "story" in the garden so God wrote Himself onto the cross, thus winning the game.
It was amazing and left me so excited to get home and blog. But then when I got home and started typing things out, I realized it was too long to blog...and then it hit me!
I had written not a blog but a CHAPTER!! You know...as in for the book that I have been coming here to avoid writing!! I realize you may be twirling your finger around saying something like "Whoopty-Do"....but as for me, I am so happy that I can't stop bouncing.
GOD gave ME a CHAPTER!!!!
And the real fun part for me, the crazed fanatic, without that book by Ted, who knows if I would have been able to have that moment! I mean, I am not silly enough to think God couldn't have gotten to me regardless, but who knows if the picture that painted itself in front of my eyes would've struck me as it did without the aid of the book I'd just read.
Really...it's ok. I don't blame you for rolling your eyes in that "ooooh, boy, she's really lost it" kind of way because even I think I am more than just a little bit off.
But I can tell you that when God wants us to see something, He will use whatever He can to get our attention and open our eyes to His Word in very exciting ways...and in this case, I am hightly thankful for His use of Mr. Dekker's works, for both my pleasure and for His teaching.

So...God, bless Ted!!

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