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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lent, Day 6

They say that if one of the five senses is dulled or non-existent, the others rise up in strength...as if to make up for what you are missing.

I know that when I lay outside, my eyes closed against the bright sunlight, my ears begin to feast on the sounds that float by...ones that were invisible just moments before. 

The murmur of bees...

   the symphony of wind and leaves rustling as one...

      even the simple movement of grass as our dog marches thru to do his

   each sound fighting to be unique...

to announce themselves as if they have never been noticed by me before. 

And all just because...

...I closed my eyes to what I can see with my eyes.

...I stopped assuming what each object should sound like based on what I know.

...I let it all speak to me, rather than shutting it off by visually acknowledging it.

Similarly...this week, by fasting in certain areas, I have found that God has sharpened my instinct for Him.

...my 5th misterbug this week...
I am jublilant to discover that the streak of light orange that fluttered by was a teeny-tiny ladybug... making it #5 on my misterbug-watch-list this week.

I am aware of the tightening of the Holy Spirit's lip-wires, as He pleads with me to let the perfectly-ready, totally-accurate biting remark die inside, rather than outside, my mouth.

I blissfully settle into the embrace of my children and husband, knowing that this love-so-amazing is simply a small representation of His. (...GLORY!!...)

I sit, amazed, when scripture, that was just black words on white paper, suddenly turns all technicoloand 3D, with amazing surround sound.

I am thankful where I was petulant.

   I am aware where I was asleep.

I am in love where I was numb.

"...so I (lift my heart to also) testify that He is the Chosen One of God."
John 1:34b

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