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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions *vs* Real-Solutions

There is a small part of me that finds my jaw dropping open when I realize that it is now 2011.  I still remember sitting on a basketball court in elementary school, counting on my fingers to figure out how old I would be in the year 2000.  Little did I know that by the time that year rolled around, I would have lived such a...um...adventurous (??) life!  And now...here we are in the year 2011...and I realize that in just three more years, I will be the mother of a high school senior, two juniors, a sophomore and a seventh grader.
I just gave myself a panic attack and it is only January 1st.

Moving on.

I have decided a few things about my blog...kind of keeping with the tradition of a New Year's Resolution...but not really as who really keeps theirs??  So rather than create a list of resolutions that won't get any further than next week (if I am lucky), I am going to make some real-solutions in order that I can find more and more about the woman He is asking me to be in this new year...and maybe, bring someone along on the journey.

First thing:
I have always felt a bit uncomfortable posting my book reviews here as it seems as tho I am trying to sell you on something...so I have created a blog just for that purpose.  It is called Books...by Bina can be found by clicking here.  Hope you will pop over from time to time...there is a link on the top left of my sidebar and I will try to remember to post a small link up whenever a new review goes up. 

It is my desire to focus more on my writing this year...both on here and personally in my journals.  (Yes, there is more than one...but that is another blog for another day.)  I am going to commit to two posts a week...and if there's more, well then, skipdidoo!! :)  (You will also notice a few changes to the place...what u think??)

As I posted awhile back, I realize that I find Him here...and that when I sit here, focused, His whispers begin to bubble up from the small room that I shut away all too often as real-life plays out before me.  And as His voice begins to swirl, unhindered once again thru my heart...and then upwards into my mind, I see myself just a little clearer...and suddenly that which was, just moments ago, distorted and soiled sings with the clarity of the Master Painter. 

Yes, sometimes it is hard to focus...and sometimes life just IS that crazy...but even especially then, it is most important to stop and let the chips fall where they may.  It is important, not just for me (as I know I am not alone in my "issues"), to realize that there is no such thing as control ...or "mine"...because as long as this world continues on in its journeys around the sun, the only thing that is real is the here...and the now...on our knees at His feet.  From the first moment I heard this lyric sung by a beautiful girl in our church, I realized that this is the true prayer of a heart longing after Him:

"Beholding is becoming so as You fill my gaze, I become more like You and my heart is changed. Beholding is becoming so as You fill my view, transform me into the likeness of You.  This is what I ask for all my days that I may never look away...never look away." 
~ Captivated, Vicky Beeching ~

So...there it is.

I leave you now with the lyrics that have been playing in my head all week...the words that I will be singing tomorrow in church as I raise my voice in song to the One that has captivated both my heart and my mind over this last week in ways that my words couldn't begin to touch.  It is my prayer that you would read them and stop...and let Him in...right now, before 2011 goes any further in...because He loves you, just as you are.

In all that I have found Your evidence abounds.
I’ve always sensed Your fingerprints if I just look around.

And yet this grand display will all soon pass away,
So I hold on to the mighty truth that Your love is here to stay.

The love of the Lord endures.
The love of the Lord endures.
If there’s one thing I can be sure...
...it’s that the love of the Lord endures

Life has let me down.
In wealth, joy can’t be found.
I’ve searched for peace in all of these, but I have always found:

The love of the Lord endures.
The love of the Lord endures.
If there's one thing I can be sure...
...it's that the love of the Lord endures.
 When I stumble,
When I fall,
When I’m walking ten feet tall,
Your love is there day after day.
Even at the worst extreme,
Or after I have been redeemed
Your love is there and it won’t let me go!

The love of the Lord endures...

~ The Love of the Lord Endures, Joy Williams ~

Listening myself hum while looking up as always...

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Amy DeTrempe said...

I like the idea of real-solutions. And one of mine needs to be to focus more on Him and listen.


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