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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I will be honest...every year, I have the intention of sending out Christmas cards with a great family photo on them...and almost every year, I wait too long OR the photo session was a wash OR ... yeah, you can fill in the blank.  Last year's (...after two years of none...) turned out cute after, count them, 21 takes...

But this year, I was sent over to Shutterfly.com because it seems that they are giving away 50 photo cards to bloggers who take the time to play around on their site and then blog about it.  (...if you want to find out about that, click here...)

I have just spent some time just messing around their site and found that it is actually pretty user friendly and easy to understand. (...which helps me a lot cuz when the site isn't, I tend to want to scream and throw things...)  They have reasonable prices for personalized gifts...you can make the project as simple or as complicated as you want (...cuz they have lots of options to choose from...)...and they offer free shipping on orders over $30, which for me is great incentive cuz I always hate when my order jumps $20 due to shipping. 

What they offer over there:

(you can even personalize your birthday so NO ONE ever forgets it!!)

(Where you can turn your favorite print into a canvas picture OR create a wall decal...lemme know if you want a good of me to put up...hee hee)


And then there's tons of other fun stuff like mouse pads and mugs in the Photo Gifts section and then, of course, a wide variety of photo filled stationary, books, invites and cards.

So if you are one like me who wants to get the cards out but needs a little help to get the job done, head on over to them!!

You can find them on their website:


...OR on FaceBook or Twitter...

facebook.com/shutterfly  or   twitter.com/shutterfly

Well, am off to strap some kids down for a new photo, while looking up as always...

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