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Saturday, August 21, 2010


from somewhere deep inside...

the urge to change...
...to fix
...to appear different on a whim

it opens and burns,
twisting my heart,
tugging my mind...


i turn in circles, taking in this space

this room needs new life
the curtains once again drawn against the real world,
hungry and searching

these walls...new paint
new breath that thrives, causing me to exhale
slow and sure

this floor...new carpet,
a pattern that invites me forward, rather than back
steady and focused

oh Father, You are my passion,
now whitewashed and lost in flattened plush
from pacing, endless and broken

You are my purpose,
horribly diluted and distilled too long
by control gone wrong.

i forget and i walk alone,
believing, for a moment,
that my lungs fill and empty on my terms,
choosing false pride over humble reconciliation to Truth.

awaken in me, sweet Lord....awaken and consume all that slumbers.

Looking up as always...


Barbie said...

I love this. My heart's desire is to be awakened and consumed by Him as well.

Diane said...

Sweet surrender. :O)

Karen said...

Your line, "consume all that slumbers" is great. I'll try to remember that one and meditate what needs to be awakened.

alicia said...

Perfect. Sweet surrender to His holy name. There with you...

Heather of the EO said...

This is beautiful, lady. You're truly inspiring, the way you write and strive to live.

Anonymous said...


This is just so powerful. I know this is a cry of my heart lately....what you have put into words.

This is so inspiring...


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