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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top Ten

...I really don't know how it is that anything gets done around here.

I promise that this is not a pity-party post...just a statement of fact.

One would think that since my kids are "older", I would have the "extra" time on my hands needed to relocate the lumpy mess that once filled the void in my skull.  But I have to face and accept the fact that my brain is gone.  Vanished.  Never to be seen again.

I am not lying when I say that I was asked just yesterday when my birthday was and I replied "I'm pretty sure it is in the closet, hanging by the jackets."


Yeah...welcome to my world.

But then I realize that it isn't just me because I tell the kids to throw away their trash only to find THIS when I enter the kitchen:


So...as a re-introduction to the blogging world (because I just know that some of you are scratching your heads while saying 'Bina...who??'), I have decided to start out easy-peasy, light and easy and simply give you a glimpse into the chaos that is me.  Aren't YOU special?!?

This is called the Top Ten and the point is to list any ten emotions and then confess something that triggers it in me.  I had the kids list five positive and five negative emotions...and then I blurted out my first reactions...and then included my thoughts to my initial reactions...here goes:

1. Joy ~ the sound of my children's laughter (...because it is one of the few times that, to me, all is right with the world...)

2. Fear ~ a pitch black room (...nuff said...)

3. Contentment ~ God showing me that He is still in the room (...cause I so often doubt it...)

4. Anger ~ lack of control (...in any given situation that my mind decides I must be in control of, no matter how absurd it is to think I could ever actually have control over it....)

5. Peace ~ a hot bath and a great book (...and the joy of knowing that when the knocking on the door gets overly annoying, I can turn on the faucet and dunk my head under the water and yell out "sorry...can't hear you!!"...)

6. Irritation ~ stupid people (...not a very Christian answer, but honestly...some people really tests the bounds of unconditional love...) AND this survey (...cuz I thought I said I was going to start easy?!?!...)

7. Light-Hearted ~ the feel of my husband's hand at the small of my back (...it is one of the of the few things that makes me feel dainty...beautiful...feminine...)

8. Envy ~ Kate's arms (...for those of you who just said "huh?"...Kate Austin is a character on LOST...and just a glimpse at her toned wonders makes me think about using my son's weights to tame my self-fanners that I call biceps...but that ridiculous brain fart only lasts until the next commercial break...)

9. Humorous ~ my friends...and that includes real-life and cyber-made peeps.  Seriously...sometimes y'all make me wet myself.  (...was that TMI???)

10. Prideful ~ being in any argument with any one of my three teenaged daughters (...cuz I really really really hate it when they are right, blast it all!!!...)


I've needed the time out from the blogosphere for my own sanity as I regain my "sea" legs with God and my own mind...but that is for another post.

Hoping some of you will take a shot at this nifty little thought provoker of a survey...look forward to reading yours!!!

Looking up as always...


alicia said...

You have been so crazy, crazy missed! But of course it is understood. Those kiddos have the nerve to suck all the time from us mom's and then come back and ask why we didn't clean their room. (is that just me?!) But they are worth it, and am just glad they were able to help you with your survey!

We'll have our blogger retreat and you can pre-write like 30 posts and have them just waiting to spit out! :)

And I totally get your arm reference!

Sara said...

I've been missing you, Bina and just clinging to your FB updates to keep me going :) I loved this top ten and getting to know you even more. I'm with you on Joy (children's laughter) and Envy (Kate's arms) especially. Fun post, sweet Bina :D

Diane said...

How could anyone not be envious of her (and her arms too). Gorgeous! I loved your list and did clench so there would be no wetting occurring here.... Love ya.

Karen said...

Glad you're back. Great list. I loved the hubbie thing. Yes, my trash can has sported the same look. :P

Cherie Hill said...

Absolutely hilarious! I give wrong answers to questions my kids ask me WAY too often!!! Obviously my brain isn't what it used to be BEFORE the kids! And the trash can picture...a classic! My favorite on your list is "Irritation"...okay, so it's not very "Christian" like...but the truth is the truth...God is all for truth right?!? ;)

So glad you found my blog...now I've found yours! I know I'll be blessed by stopping by often!

Big hugs!

Jennifer said...

Oh that trashcan! Mine are at the age where they put it in...and then take it back out!


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