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Monday, May 31, 2010

this intimate embrace

Near enough that the melodies of heaven echo sweet,

my heart trades in beating for burning...

...searing with a need for You

...for Your companionship. 

There isn't a part of me that doesn't yearn to see Your face

                 ...to know the delicacy of Your embrace

...to inhale the sweetness of Your breath on my face.

High on the mountain, Your song softens the tones of my voice...

                 ...Your reality flavors my thoughts

                                     ...our intimacy erasing all my concern.

I don't want to imagine any tomorrows as each moment here melts,

                   one...into the other,

and yet...

...I know me.

How I've often put You aside like an old, faithful book...

                            ...well-worn and dog-eared...

...pages full of the prints from my caressing fingers.

I've picked You up...

              ...opening to any section

                         ...instantly lost in Your prose...

...only to set You down again when my attention is drawn away.

Oh, Lord...this time

   ...don't let me go from here.

                  ...don't let me leave You.

     ...don't let me forget You as I inhale winds blown from another direction.

...don't let me allow anyone else to play the hidden, delicate chords of my heart.

            ...don't allow me to forget that I am ruined, but for You.

                             ...don't let my eyes be pulled from the intensity of Yours.

Oh, Lord...






                                                  ...this time.

Have you ever been hugged by God...or does the thought of intimacy such as this with Him make you wrinkle up your nose as you think me odd?  It's ok...tell me all about it.

Listening to Brooke Fraser's The Thief while looking up as always...


Deidra said...

I was thinking to myself, "This a modern Song of Solomon," as I read this post. And I was thinking, "This is beautiful." We need more of that...reminders that God desires an intimate relation with us. Yes, it's often too overwhelming to comprehend and I struggle to free myself (!) from His embrace - distracted. And - as you said so well - ruined but for Him.

Kelly said...

That would be a beautiful song Sabine. :) It's funny how often you and I are praying the same thing at the same time, but often for very different reasons. :)

Diane said...

I wish I had more of His embraces, but I can't blame Him for pulling back at times..... sadly, it's me. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. :O)

Kylie said...

thank you for your lovely comment over on my blog :o)
and pleased you are listening to kiwi music! (im from NZ)

~*Michelle*~ said...

wow.....this was just beautiful and intense to read. You have such a gift with your words.....

L.L. Barkat said...

A lovely way to express this reality. No, it doesn't make me wrinkle up my nose. It makes me sigh.

(btw, I have missed you too :)

steph said...

Wow! Such intimacy expressed in that poem. Love it and you are able to express it the way you do. Keep on...

Julie Gillies said...


Your words are breathtakingly beautiful; what a vivid picture you paint. I'm certain that every woman who reads this will sigh, close her eyes, and be transported into His presence.

Thank you. <3

Karen said...

I agree with Julie, transporting words! and I agree with you, a friend used to say, " we do not have a religion, we have a romance."

Jennifer said...

I feel this! This is fabulous, Bina--it's such an emotion I can connect with, begging God to not let me go. Amazing stuff.

Karena said...

Such loveliness and so intimate! You have until midnight CST to enter my giveaway!!

Art by Karena

Alicia said...

Wow..this was great!!

But, I know that it's times that I let go, and not Him.

There's nothing better or more comforting than His embrace.

Laura said...

I love Brooke Fraser!

Sweet, sweet post. Reminds me of what I need.


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