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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mom's Bible: Review

Title:  Mom's Bible ~ God's Wisdom For Mothers
            NCV, with notes by Bobbie Wulgemuth
ISBN: 1418537888

I am often glad to see that there are so many versions of the Bible published.  I don't mean versions like KJV or non-KJV (for anyone who wants to get into that debate), but rather versions like books that are made for every person, in any job or situation...ones that can reach out and grab someone in the place that they are and speak to their hearts on God's behalf.  And seeing as how I am in the middle of mom-hood, I jumped at the chance to get this newest release.

I was impressed by the simply elegant layout of the pages, but found myself slightly confused as to the flow of it because the articles aren't always seperated enough from the text of the Word.  BUT...once my mind adjusted to the slight differences in text, I found this Bible to be a quiet comfort to my heart as I searched God's heart and was met with quiet time thoughts, highlighted profiles on His character  and insights into scripture that encouraged both my heart and my spirit.

Cover Information:

The greastest call for Christian moms is to know God and help others to know Him, too.  But where do you go to gather the knowledge and wisdom you need?  The Bible is a loving book.  Day after day, as you read God's Word, it speaks for itself, and you learn the story of God's plan and its meaning for you and your family.  Coming alongside you with solid biblical insight, Mom's Bible will encourage you at every age and stage of your life as a woman and a mother to strengthen your relationship with God and fill your home with His Spirit.

While I personally won't use this version of the Bible as my tool for in-depth study (I tend to stick closer to KJV or NIV for that due soley to my personal preference), I have found this edition to be perfect for my early morning meetings with God...my companion that takes me quietly and simply to His feet as I recline and listen to the words of His mouth and the thoughts of His heart for me each day...and I would recommend it to anyone else looking for something similar.

I review for BookSneeze
**Thomas Nelson provided me this book for review purposes & is allowing me to keep this title once finished. I get no other compensation...other than the chance to fill my heart and soul with an excellent read. :) **

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Claire said...

i must admit that i have never used a bible that is specific to say mothering or couples or leadership but i have often looked at them and read snippets from them. john c maxwell's leadership one has some very good thoughts in it.

Chanel said...

ery good thoughts in it.


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