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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Book Review: Jesus Lives

Title: Jesus Lives
Author: Sarah Young
ISBN: 1404186956
Pages: 368

When this little book arrived in my mail box, I removed it from the outer wrappings, glanced at its title and then promptly sat it down...and forgot all about it.  It had nothing to do with the book itself but more with my thought process at the time, which was (I am sad to say) more worried about how to hide away from His saving graces than it was about seeing Him in it...

I stumbled across it again just a few days later...and when I opened the front cover to the Table of Contents, I found my heart warmed by Sarah Young's name for it: A Guide To Themes in Jesus Lives.  Ms. Young deals with over 40 topics near and dear to anyone who has ever taken the time to live a life that strives closeness with God.  From attitude to pleasing Him to resting in Him to worship, each theme is discussed (many of them, multiple times) by Christ Himself...a thoughtful and clear "letter" written to His loved child, discussing His heart, followed by scripture from various translations. 

Official Book Information:
From your heart’s deepest cry to life’s joyful praises, Jesus is in them all!

Knowing Jesus on a deeper, more personal level not only means sharing all aspects of your life with the Savior, but it means seeing Him at work in your life as well. Whether you’re struggling your way through a valley or reaping a bounty of blessings, Jesus is very much alive and present. The question is, do you see Him? Do you recognize His voice? His comforting hand? His desire to fellowship with you?

In Jesus Lives! author Sarah Young provides 180 topical devotionals exemplifying Jesus' presence in your life, giving insight and wisdom, and bringing to light the truth of Romans 8:11: The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you!

This book was a heartwarmer to me, both in its willingness to face real issues and in how it strived to bring the reader (...me...) back to the feet of Truth and Wisdom within the span of two pages. I would highly recommend this devotional book as the perfect gift for someone who is struggling, even if that person is you!!

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**Thomas Nelson provided me this book for a book review and is allowing me to keep this title once finished. I get nothing else in way of compensation...other than the chance to fill my heart and soul with an excellent read. :) **

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