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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ooooh Fun!

I would like to thank my wonderful hubby and my three great pals Steph, Erin and Kim for joining me in the making of this video!  Was hard to learn all these moves as I have two left feet, but we pulled it off I think :)

Oh I am so glad that this is back...ain't NObody safe from this....nope!

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Listening to the screams of "why in the world did you have to pick MY head" while looking up as always...


Jules said...

I just did a bunch of these today too. They are so much fun!

Diane said...

All I can hear is MC Hammer's "can't touch this" in my head! :O)

strokeofliving said...

Well I'm impressed. When did you all have the time to rehearse this number? Rock on!!

steph said...

Ya, Sabine, when did you have the time to do all those moves? I can't BElieve you did that. All you better be careful that she doesn't do the same to you.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Rats! I can't see this video. I've seen myself "Elfed" before, and it is hilarious.

But I would love to see YOU kicking up those elf heels.... I'll try again later.

Blessings, sister. I love your fun spirit.

Precious Gems said...

Great video and soo funny.
Just wrote a blog you might find interesting. Take a peek!

Deborah Ann said...

That was magically delicious! You rock, Bina!

Anonymous said...

Get down and funky. Looks like the funky monkey if I'm not mistaken.

Stephen Tremp

Karen said...

Bina, couldn't get it to work. My computer is so aggravating at times.....argh!


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