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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Radiating Beauty

Her ring was what first got my attention as the afternoon sun glittered into my eye at the stop-light.  The rock was massive...perfectly round, circled by minute sisters and set in gold.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  But in the split second that it took for me to take in the beauty displayed thru the neighboring car window, my eyes also took in the finger that it was encircling. 

Assuming that the base of the finger, where it connects by knuckle to the hand is the first knuckle...the second knuckle, where my fingers bend down and into my palm, all ten of hers rose up at a 90 degree angle.  Then the small part of her finger that was left after the second knuckle pointed straight out...almost as if she were making small swans out of each of her digits. 

Luckily she didn't see me staring at her hands, as it may have left her feeling self-conscious, but I couldn't take my eyes from them.  Not because I thought them odd or bad...but because something about them was beautiful...something about them drew me in...  I mean, obviously the ring that I first looked over to see was gorgeous, but as I looked carefully, her skin seemed so soft as the sunlight danced across it. 

Her nails were manicured but not painted. 

Her slender wrists were adorned with glittering gold braclets.

Her sleeves were long, but pushed up to her elbows showcasing the delicate skin of her arms.

Why am I staring at her like this?  I caught myself thinking that multiple times in the 3 minutes we sat at that light.  I was transfixed by her upturned fingers...by the fact that she couldn't ever remove that ring without having to cut it from her hand.  I wondered, as the light changed and she turned right as I went straight, if her hands had been that way long because her actions betrayed an acceptance of this condition.

I wish I could say the exact reason why her hands grabbed my attention so profoundly...but as I watched her move them back and forth, caressing the steering wheel, I could only think to myself that God had allowed those fingers to bend as they were.  They moved in defiance of His natural order of how fingers should bend so He had to ordain the change...and as I drove away, I also realized that since He allowed it, He sees her hands as something more beautiful than that lovely ring that she wears to signify the vows she made. 

I realize that her fingers catch His eye for the same reason that her ring caught mine...they radiate a beauty that cannot be explained with human definitions. 

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L.L. Barkat said...

Came over from GDW.

Let me know when you post that piece on Mary and I'll link to it here...



alicia said...

So Beautiful. I imagine you are exactly right that God loves her beautiful hands and everypart of each us that we may see a flaw, attracts us that much more to Him.
Happy Monday, Friend.


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