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Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Shot!!

Yes, it is anOTHER chance to win something!

I know...I am just full of this kind of stuff!  (Actually am just avoiding trying to finish my own blog for today and what better thing to do than promote a fellow blogger and the giving away of a great book, riiiiiiight?? a-hem)

Hop on over to a great blog called Life's A Journey.  Not only will you find a chance to win a copy of Francis Chan's Crazy Love...you will find a wonderful place to sit, read and laugh.  Alicia is a great woman...and, although I am biased as she calls me friend, I am always blessed, encouraged and challenged by her posts, by her willingness to be real & vulnerable and by her love for God.

I pray you check it out - as it is a chance to get a free book (and who doesn't like free) and it is a chance to hear from a wonderful lady!

Looking up as always...


L.L. Barkat said...

It must be giveaway season. :)

Thanks for directing us to this.

alicia said...

Thank you for the shameless plug my friend!!!

Bina said...

L.L. ~ you are most welcome and good luck!! :)

Alicia ~ for you??? The world! :)


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