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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grace Gifts, Week 3

It is Wednesday...and if you don't know what that means, click here first :)

This is my first week where this is not an easy task for me...but being that it is only week THREE, I am sure it won't be the last! ha ha  It is days like this when His grace is such a sweet meal for my soul.

29. Birthday money spending...not mine.  Hers.  She makes me smile...she makes me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants...dancing in the isles of Target just to make her say "Mooo-oooom! Stop. Now." *sigh*

30. Music...for God's use of the notes, the voices, the sweeping upward that takes my soul along for the ride in the moments when I can't get there myself.

31. Night-time banter...watching Jon & Kate + 8 simply because my hubby loves to say the things that will get me going on a rant...knowing that he knows me enough to be able to push my buttons and that he loves me enough to want to.

32. Glimpses of heaven's glory, however muted they may be, on the morning drive to school.

33. Knowing that the people who really know me...really know me.

34. Sitting here, wearing a jacket over my PJs as I force my mind to find the things that make me smile even as the mundane triggers push at my heart.  I love fall...and the fact that I need a jacket at all just makes my heart smile!

35. Hearing from people who read this blog...this outpouring of my heart...and finding that His leading for my life doesn't leave me all alone.  Am loving the people who walk the same path...and even if I never do get to see you with earthly eyes, I am thankful for your company. :)

36. Thoughts of a weekend retreat...I can't wait for Friday, even as I still force myself to live for today :)

37. Hot baths...because they make EVERYthing better.

They are simple...some make me laugh and some make me take a deep breath...but all are lovely and pure...all are excellent and true...all are real. They are the blessings that make up my life...they are my the physical showing of grace from God's hand....and they cause my cup to run over!
What are yours?

Listening to the sounds of cartoons that play for the littlest who's home sick today while looking up as always...


Karen said...

Ah Bina, you would ask that on a hard day to feel joyful and thankful. SO, that means, it's just the day to do that, right?

God's blessings-I still have a house and car and food, even though my husband was laid off from his bank, yet God blessed us with income with him going independent for the time being. Those are just SOME of the physical blessings. Thanks!

Bina said...

Karen...I know from experience that today, the day when it is hardest to give the offering of praise, today is the day that your offering smells most sweet to His senses.
You made my eyes water and my heart bows before Him to pray for you even as you bow down to offer broken praises.
Many hugs from a fellow broken heart...Bina

alicia said...

Feeling with you on the mundane, but truly blessed to be able have a mundane really.
I love that you do this on Wednesdays, because most Wednesdays, my hubby comes home for the evening! I love Wednesday.
Another is that I actually had people show up to the Bible study that I have been trying to organize for 6 weeks, they finally came! Yeah!
And great friends, whether or not I meet in person, friends who are able to make me laugh and cry all at the same time.
Have a blessed Wednesday, Friend.

Bina said...

Alicia...I am glad that you get your ever lovin' man tonight and I pray that is a time to cherish for your family!! Hooray on the Bible study!!! That is so exciting...I hope that it blessed your socks off!
I am thankful for the chance to call YOU friend! Blessings shot back at you!


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