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Monday, September 14, 2009


I am sure that I am not the only mother who has had this mystery happen so I thought I would post it so the rest of you can get a good chuckle on this Monday morning.

I have five kids.  I know you know that as it is in my profile information, but I want to point it out again as I am going to be talking about laundry...need you to have in mind how MUCH laundry gets done each week.  So you take into account five children...then you add things like 1 is a teenaged girl, 2 are preteen girls...1 is a nearly 8 year old who demands to wear pants to school, but needs to put on shorts in the afternoon as it is "hot"...and then there is the lone 11 year old boy. 

Yes, there is a LOT of laundry here. 


So, at the end of last week, I did all the laundry.  I mean all of it - nothing was dirty aside from the clothes we were wearing that day.  Thursday afternoon, I handed my kids their baskets with clean clothes for them to fold and put away.  Saturday afternoon (which, by my last count, is only 2 days out from Thursday), our son was going to spend the night at a friends house.  I sent him to pack clothes...he returned to say he has no shorts or underwear.

Ya, didn't add up for me either so I did what any mother would do.  I went into his room and started opening all of his drawers while mumbling like Claire Huxtable in the Cosby Show: "Tell ME there are no clean shorts in this room.  I just DID all the laundry and you come to ME and say you have no clothes?!?!

But he wasn't lying...there were no clothes in his drawers.

I looked in his closet and found a large blanket but no clothes.

Under the bed?  Shoes...but no clothes.

I finally found some underwear in with the shirts and then one pair of shorts under a pair of jeans. Still confused, but in a rush, I pack him that and send him out the door.

Today I am cleaning up from the weekend and I decide to do his laundry so he has clothes to wear for the week. (He wore jeans today....in case you were thinking I sent him out in dirty clothes. *ahem*)  I go into his room and find a laundry basket only half full of dirty clothes.  I re-searched his drawers and then sat down on his bed with an odd look on my face, I am sure, as I had NO idea where the clothes went!!

Then it came to me... 

I reopened the closet and MOVED the very large cheetah print blanket.

And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for that pesky mom and her mom-sense!

Another day...another mystery solved.  I can go on, a happy woman.

Looking up as always...


alicia said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!BOYS!!! It is always the boys! Mine does the exact same thing!! Thanks for reminding me that he isn't the only one and subsequently quite "normal" despite me suggesting that that just isn't right to do that! ( or I find folded socks in his hamper and other folded items- cuz I'm dumb enough to believe that he took the time to fold ANYTHING!)
Thanks for yet another laugh!!

Bina said...


Lord knows I love that boy...and part of this charm is that he never fails to make me work for my sanity!! ha ha

K.B. said...

it's not just boys....Aspen is the same way...She hides them in suit cases, the toy box, or goes and puts them in the washer when it's room inspection time. We have found them in pillow cases...you name it. I started doing random room checks and anything on the floor or not put away properly got thrown in a black trash bag and taken to the attic for two weeks. And now I have Brooklynn go check Aspen's room and Aspen check Brooklynn's room. Needless to say NOW they are always clean!

Bina said...

Oh the joys!
Jules will stuff things under the bed, but she doesn't try to hide the fact that she does it...just is how she "cleans". About once a month I make her pull everything out and go thru it.
Joe is the one who does it in order to hide it...and then, honestly, I believe that he forgets that he does it! He was sincere in not knowing where his clothes were on Saturday...but you can bet I will be sincere when I help him find them this afternoon!!! :)


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