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Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Not Fair!!

Before I get into another post, I want to say that some of you may think, "Does this girl just make this stuff up to write a little devotional story?" The answer is no ~ if I post it here, it really happened, although I will admit to only 99% certainty of how the actual conversation flowed...am lucky I remembered where my brain was this morning!!  ...and yes, my mind really does go to these places with God. There are days I wish I could turn it off as it is really, really convicting...but it is also compelling to my heart's willingness to stay softened, so I am glad God speaks thru moments in my life for His glory.

As for today's story, it all started with a cup of ice...

I had stopped at my favorite watering hole on Friday afternoon to get my 44oz. Diet Coke just before going to get the kids from school.  When you have a large brood, school-pick-up actually means a lot of sitting-in-the-car-waiting-for-the-bell-to-finally-ring.  So I sit...with an ice-cold soda, as it makes me happy...and when mama is happy, the kids don't get killed for being noisy while waiting in the car.  So just as our three junior highers were entering the vehicle, I had finished off my icy cold beverage and had decided to give the cup full of soft, crunch ice to the sweaty girls sitting directly behind me. I pulled out of the school's parking lot and onto the road, trying to carry on conversation with one of our other girls only to be interrupted over and over by the two with the cup. 

These two girls (who shall remain nameless for the time being) argued and bickered over this iced treasure for almost a full 5 minutes before I decided that enough was enough.  I reached back wordlessly and felt around until my hand found the plastic rim...and I plucked it from their hands and returned it to the cup holder next to me...and then continued on in my conversation.

Once in our own driveway, all but one child had exited the car.  The remaining girly was one of the "Ice Fighters" and, seeing that she was alone, she poured out her side of the the ice saga.  I listened quietly, nodded and then handed her the cup.  Her eyes lit up and she smiled in that "you mean you believe me and are rewarding me" kind of way until she heard my words "Go inside.  Pour half the ice into one cup and other half into another.  You may have one cup and the other is for your sister."  Her smile lost the initial glow, but she happily accepted the fact that half is better than none at all and she took off to divide the ice.

Once inside, I decided to deliver the other cup to the second of the "Ice Fighters", as I didn't want arguing over which cup was fullest...but I couldn't locate her.  Looking down the hall, I saw her bedroom door closed, so I walked down to her door and knocked, the cup of cool treasure in hand. 

When I opened the door, I was met with an icy glare and a cold "What?".
Deciding to feel things out before handing over the cup of coolness, I placed my hand behind my back and asked "Sup?"
Her: "I am upset and I am reading."
Me: "Why you upset?"
Her: "Because you didn't even let me tell my side of the story on what happened with the ice.  You heard her tell you what she thought happened, decided that her story was good enough and you gave her the cup of ice.  It isn't fair because I have a side to tell too."
Me: "Soooo...you are in here pouting because I gave your sister the cup of ice to carry into the house?"
Her: "No I am in here pouting because you didn't ask me for my side of the story before you gave her all the ice."
Me: "Soooo...you are in here pouting because you think I gave your sister the ice and not you?"
Her: "No I am in here pouting because you weren't fair in not coming to me for my side before you gave her the ice."
Me: "Mmmmm...question for you.  Did I ask HER for her side?"
Her: "....I don't know.  You gave her the ice so you must have."
Me: "...another question for you.  Did you ever hear me say to her that the cup was hers or did you just pronounce me guilty of being unfair to you based on what you think you know?"
Her: "..........I dunno"
I then proceeded to give her the really long Mom speech which I will spare you from....BUT I can say that when I was done talking...when I brought out the hand that had been hidden while I spoke...when that coveted treasure of that soft ice was in her hands, her eyes instantly teared up and her voice shook as she whispered softly "I'm so sorry."

There have been many occasions in my life when things don't seem fair...and most of the time, I haven't been afraid to call it as I see it.  (** on a side note, one of my favorite movies as a teenager was Labyrinth and the girl in the movie was always saying "It's not fair!".  There is a moment when the Goblin King does something very much unfair, but when Sara yells out her motto, he walks up to her face and whispers "You say that so often.  I wonder what your basis for comparison is."  Um...ouch!!**)

There have been moments when certain people have wronged me and seem to be getting all the "good stuff" while I was sitting, getting "nothing".  I too have taken off to my bedroom to pout when I felt He wasn't "doing it right" more often than I would like to admit to.  In those moments, what wise thing did I say to God?  I have basically said the same thing my daughter said to me: "Why didn't you come to me before doing what You did?  I have a side to tell too, You know?"  Ya...wise old me...ha!

I am sure that I will have another tantrum moment in my life because, well, I am just stubborn like that...but even as I sit here now, I can almost picture God's reaction to it.  Him leaned against the door frame with one hand hidden behind His back.  He waits until I am done venting and then drills His eyes straight into mine as He says: "Mmmmm...question for you..."

Looking up as always...

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Susie said...

What a "cool" story!!! I could picture God standing at the door, but I wonder what he was holding behind his back? Cuz I'll betcha neither one of us could even come close to guessing what it is... He ALWAYS over-delivers and provides what we don't even imagine can be ours.

Looking up with you,



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