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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Promises In The Desert

As I was wasting time on FaceBook last night, I came across some pictures taken in Arizona a couple weeks back. Our church sent out two missions teams simultaneously...the one bound for Arizona left shortly before the group off to Brazil. I absolutely love looking at mission's pictures as you can see the joy of the Lord splashed onto the faces of those serving as well as those being touched by them.

My friend, Nikole, had taken so many beautiful pictures and I sat there smiling at the beauty she found in the desert of a Navajo Reservation. I had clicked thru so many and then I came to one that made me just sit up and stare because of the simple beauty she had captured. When I looked at the caption for this particular pic, she mentioned that this was snapped immediately following the baptism of five people on the reservation... The power of our Lord was captured on film...and she was gracious enough to allow me a copy of it to post here:As my eyes looked upon the darkened sky, the bare desert landscape, the brilliance of the soft rainbow and the stark reminder of the cross...I remembered that His promises never, ever fail us. By the power of His hand, no matter what desert or mountain we are moving thru, may our hearts never forget the power of His love!! I pray that this picture helps remind you of those things He has promised you just as it did for me.

Looking up as always...

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alicia said...

Wow. That is beautiful and it speaks so much on its own. May we never take the symbolism and meaning of rainbows for granted. Thanks for sharing!
BTW- your comment made me laugh out loud! we may be a lot alike!


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