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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keep Your Arms & Legs Inside The Vehicle


They are fast, loud and scary.

Used to love them. Now? Eh...not so much.

So...being the smart gal that I am, I have learned that if you just avoid amusement parks, you can avoid the ride!! You don't have to make up excuses about the line being too long...you don't have to deal with the nauseated panic in your stomach...you don't have to worry about trying not to embarrass yourself by crying when the train begins to move forward.

Simple...or so I thought.

I sometimes can forget that God LOVES amusement parks!! I can say this with full confidence because, as I live my life, I find that each day is a ride all its own. There are SO many other rides in this theme park He named "Life"...but I find that these are the ones I frequent the most:

The Carosel ~ a simple seat, pretty views, lots of childish laughter, fun music and just enough movement to cause a soft breeze to blow the sweat from your face. Sometimes gets a little boring, but at least you know what to expect.

The Giant Swings ~ still going in a circle, you find that you have more room to fly...to stretch out your arms and feel your feet leave the ground. The first few times around and you feel a bit off centered...but as it continues around and your mind adjusts to the feel of the wind on your face, the fact that the ground is far below, and that you are going in the same pattern constantly...you can look around and enjoy the scenery...and maybe even just close your eyes and let go.

The Log Ride ~ cushioned into a floating log with friends (or total strangers), leaning back on each other, you are pushed into a slowing stream of rapidly moving water. There are twists and turns, but you aren't alone and you have no danger real danger as the water is only a few feet deep. Always a large drop at the end, but you know when it is coming and then ending is always a bit wet, but never enough to drown you.

And then...there is my personal fave (gag):
GhostRider...The Roller Coaster ~ The train leaves the housing slowly and then makes a quick turn before throwing you down just fast enough to wake up your heart. Slowing slightly, it curves back around and begins its slow but certain rise to 118 feet in the air. As you hit the top, the train is thrown forward by its wheels to force you fall faster than gravity would normally take you. It drops you 108 feet going 55 miles an hour before it winds you around the 4,000+ feet of track...winding you up and down, back and forth with incredible power, loud rattling and an absolute sense of having NO idea where you are headed next. By the time you get back to the housing area, your head hurts, your arms are sore from bouncing off the car sides and your heart is trying to calm itself from what it thought was a near death experience.

....so today, I truly thought I was waking up to a lovely day on my favorite carosel pony.

The breeze was simple and my cares were light. But just as I began to take the reigns and climb on, I found my heart and my mind careening downward at 55 miles an hour. I will be 100% completely honest with you...as the fear of the moment met up with my body and mind, I lost sight of God for a moment. I mean I completely forgot who it was that controls the rides and for a moment in time, I lost myself in the fear of the fall.

But...as I leveled out a bit at the bottom of the third drop, I realized...it is just a ride. Yes, it can scare me, it can pull and push at me...but it is nothing more than a train, on a pre-set length of track, going at a pre-determined speed, taking me to an already determined destination. It is a "ride"...and even tho I have no clue how long the track is, the One in charge of this "park"...the operator of these "rides" knows all the information that needs to be known!

It took me a bit to fight back at the fear wrapped around my heart but as I did, God's voice echoed from the speakers in my heart and steadied my heartbeat once again:
"...it's ok. Sit back and breathe. The ride will end when it has finished its course. I know...it is scary, but it will be over after awhile. But I promise you that until your rides are finished running, I will not walk away from this control booth...ever."

I know I am not alone on these rides of life and I also know that the ride I am on now is not done running...but I hope that His words to me today can possibly help calm your heart tomorrow.

Looking (...and reaching, as shown in this pic of me) up as always...

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I have been feeling like my life is an out-of-control roller coaster and I just wanted to get off! I was ready to jump! Thanks for reminding me that God is driving my crazy train. Though it's crazy, it's not out-of-control, and I'm very happy to have that reminder today. :) Thanks for putting it into perspective.


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