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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Love You Bigger Than....

Ok so this totally happened almost 3 years ago BUT in honor of Joe's 11th birthday, I have decided to post this one...just for him...just for a good laugh!

Our youngest daughter is 5 and she made up the "I love you bigger than.." game. She says "I love you bigger than the grass" and I say "Well, I love you bigger than the ocean" and so on until, finally, she always wins with "I love you bigger than all the stars and all the planets in all of outer space".

Well, one evening she and I were playing this game when my 8 year old boy walks in. He sits down to listen to us "play" for a bit when he suddenly asks if he can play too. It really wasn't his thing to get into the mushy type of things so I was shocked, but happily.

I asked Em if it was ok and she immediately says "Yes!"...so I look at Joe, think for a moment and then say "I love you bigger than all the cars". He nods, thinks a moment...then looks me straight in the eyes and says "I love you bigger than your boobs".

....he hasn't been invited to play again since.

I love you, Bubba!

Looking up as always...

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kim said...

you have such a gift for writing.


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