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Friday, October 1, 2010

...without words...

when i stop to listen,
i find that He speaks volumes
without using a single word...

and so i come here now,
to follow suit,
still and focused, hearing.

i lay out my heart,
thru what i heard with my eyes,
silently expressing His amazing majesty.

On A Summer's Walk


Make A Wish

Sunset Over Bethany

On A Drive To Church

God's Van Gogh Morning

Listening, while looking up as always...


BARBIE said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the reminder to look up!

Jennifer said...

The small beauty of His creation--love it.

alicia said...

LOVE the pictures! God is truly the most amazing artist. So very glad you took the time to appreciate it and share it. ;) Hey, so ummm... see ya next week!

Karen said...

Another great poem and the pictures are great. Have you ever tired to enter or submit some of your work, like these short ones?

Deidra said...

"...and so i come here now,to follow suit..."

Sometimes in my relationship with God, I think that I use way too many words.

Graceful said...

God's Van Gogh morning...love that (and the photo, too).


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