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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here Burns My Candle: Giveaway and Review

I really think that if I could hide away for a month with a stack of books, a box of chocolate and an unending supply of Diet Dr. Pepper...I would be one happy girl.  *sigh

But, stepping back into reality from La-La Land, I have to be content with the fact that there are a steady supply of wonderful books to be had and I am ever so thankful for the time God grants me a quiet retreat: sunk into a hot tub with a cold soda, children locked safely on the other side. :)  And, for those of you who actually read this post, I am thankful to be able to offer YOU the very same chance for fun...keep reading!

***Give away closed...  Congrats to Chelenne for winning the giveaway of this great book!!!***

When WaterBrook Multnomah offered me a chance to read a newly released book by Liz Curtis Higgs, I said yes...not sure what to expect, as I haven't read any of her works before. 

When it came in the mail, I had so much going on that I set it aside.... 

When my reminder email came about my review, I picked it up to take a gander...and then proceeded to lose an entire day reading it.

"Here Burns My Candle" is a retelling of the Biblical story of Ruth, only set in 1745's Scotland.  The author introduces us to Elisabeth Kerr (...Ruth's character...) and her mother in law Marjory (...who would be Naomi...).  From the very beginning of this story, I found myself drawn into their world...wanting to know their secrets, their plans and their stories...  I mean, I knew the Biblical telling of this drama, but just loved the way it was told with fresh "eyes"...new circumstances, feelings and dynamics. 

Taking the time to introduce her readers to these amazing women and, now, the sons that we never meet in the book of Ruth, Liz really drew me into the story that she weaved...feeling for both mother and wife in a way I really never have before.  I realize that the Biblical account is about God's courtship of the hearts of these women, but this book let me see Him pursue and woo them in ways that left my heart full of awe.

This is a book that really hit home for me - both in the fact that it told a wonderful love story between a woman and her daughter-by-marriage...but also because I have a mother-in-love that means the world to me ~ that I am so very thankful for and as I finished this book, I sat with tears in my eyes...remembering the love that I carry for her and praising God for the blessing that she is.  I recommend it with two thumbs up...

Here is the book's trailer and information...and once done with all that, I pray you will scroll down to find the information needed to give you a chance to have your very own copy of "Here Burns My Candle"!!

Cover Information:
Lady Elisabeth Kerr is a keeper of secrets. A Highlander by birth and a Lowlander by marriage, she honors the auld ways, even as doubts and fears stir deep within her.

Her husband, Lord Donald, has secrets of his own, well hidden from the household, yet whispered among the town gossips.

His mother, the dowager Lady Marjory, hides gold beneath her floor and guilt inside her heart. Though her two abiding passions are maintaining her place in society and coddling her grown sons, Marjory’s many regrets, buried in Greyfriars Churchyard, continue to plague her.

One by one the Kerr family secrets begin to surface, even as bonny Prince Charlie and his rebel army ride into Edinburgh in September 1745, intent on capturing the crown.

A timeless story of love and betrayal, loss and redemption, flickering against the vivid backdrop of eighteenth-century Scotland , Here Burns My Candle illumines the dark side of human nature, even as hope, the brightest of tapers, lights the way home.

For anyone interested, WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers are offering the chance for one lucky reader of this blog to get a copy of this book totally free!!  Can I get a woot woot?!?!  Just leave a comment on this blog by 6pm PST on Friday 3/26 and your name will be entered to win a copy that will be mailed straight to your mailbox...how cool is that?

**This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.**

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Deborah Ann said...

This book sounds very intriguing!

alicia said...

Wow, the book does sound like a good read. I think it will go on my "to do" list.
And I wish you a never ending supply of Diet Dr Pepper- I gave mine up. I'll send you mine!:)

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

so weird that they do book trailers now...

Jennifer said...

This is only the 2nd book trailer I've ever seen. Who knew that was a trend? Would love to read this book based on your review.

chelenne said...

Thanks for the info, now this book is on my wish list!

~*Michelle*~ said...

considering I am only on my 5th book (besides the Bible) in my entire adulthood......I'll take your word for it! ROFL.....

Just checking in on you, friend!


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