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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get Ready Set...GO

Believe what you want about Mr. Carroll's need to be, well, shall we say "uplifted" while writing this particular children's story...but Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite books of all time.  I mean, I just can't help but heart little, stubborn Miss Alice as her mind wanders into a world that just doesn't fit her, in size or in logic. 

I discovered her as a child...and still relate to her as an adult.  My own "Cheshire Cat" often grins while prodding at my nerves.  The "Queens" often battle out for the right to rule in my mind.  People's words often give me reason to stand and stare at them with my head tilted.  I often know that I am the only sane one in the conversation, I can be a little bit mouthy and I just know there is a world out there that will, one day, welcome me home with real acceptance and logic.

I know y'all are wondering if this has a point...and it does. 

Meet my point

I was introduced to GetReadySetGo's creator by a wondermous friend on Twitter (...you know my friend as the Twillypop necklace lady...) and it was love from click one because she was show-casing her Alice inspired traincase....sigh.
Her blog can be found here and  her offerings are as creative as they are lovely.  She creates an artistic assortment that varies from wallets to totes to traincases, all imprinted with a unique touch of ink. While I admit to my partiality to the blue Alice-inspired case listed on the top left, she has offerings for any style and taste out there.

If you have a moment...and are looking for a gift, for either yourself or someone else (...yes, I'd be happy to be your someone else...)...and you want to spend your money in a place that means something to someone other than a corporation ~ do yourself a favor and pop on over to GetReadySetGo and prepare to fall in love.

**Be sure to pop in tomorrow for my giveaway!!!**
Yes, I promise...it will be here. :)

Looking up as always...


Alicia said...

Oh, those look pretty cool! I'll have to check out her blog!

Sara said...

Well...you KNOW I love these! Aren't they all just so much fun?

Deborah Ann said...

I just checked out the website. Those have got to be the coolest travel bags ever! And in these days of having to pay for your luggage, I'm getting into carry-on luggage big time. Why not look stylish while you're stuffing your bag into the overhead bin? hehe...

Bina said...

Alicia...they are amazing. :) I fell in love and my husband checked my temperature. hee hee

Sara...aka the Twillypop lady...I kinda figured you might. :)

Debby...I know, right? I thought how cute it would be to be carrying something so one of a kind...something you know is yours alone... Saving up even now for my fave!!

Huggles, Ladies

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I can't wait until Alice in Wonderland hits the theaters in March. Johnny Depp is plays weird so well! The bags and suitcases, etc. are adorable. Thanks for sharing your finds.

L.L. Barkat said...

Cute. :)

I love how you think in Alice terms. That's kind of fun. Makes me think I should take on a character or two to liven up my days. :)

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

So, I've never seen or read AinW. I know! But I'm so excited about the movie coming up. Definitely going to see that!

Karen said...

So cute! And I love Twillypops jewelry!


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