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Monday, January 18, 2010

Be A Twillypop...Again!

For those who don't remember what it means to "be a Twillypop", let me remind you!!

I made friends with a sweet lady here on the blogger...a gal who literally wears her heart on a string...of beaded ribbon.

She is hosting a new giveaway on her blog and I just want to help spread the word about this great jewelry.

Sara has created unique beauty...and by popping over to visit Sara's Place @ Twillypop, you get a chance to win a beautiful handmade necklace in your favorite colors AND have the hand-crafted piece named after you. Can it get much better???

Take the time...take the shot...you know you want to be a Twillypop too!!

Looking up as always...


Sara said...

you're the absolute best! thanks for being a cyber-stalker (in a good way!)

Karen said...

Bina, I follow her too. I love the Twillypop jewelry. She's a sweetie. Thanks, I'll go right now and check that contest out. :)


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