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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Gospel According to Lost: Book Review

Title: The Gospel According to Lost
Pages: 244

Ok so little known fact about me.

I am a Lost-oholic.


And no, I am not seeking help for it so keep your 12 Step Groups to yourself! :)

When Thomas Nelson gave me the chance to read this book, I snapped it up like chocolate on a dessert tray and devoured it just as quickly.  It is an easy read, but so full of great information that just helps to bring together what many of us already knew: Lost carries significant weight in regard to things religious.  Mr. Seay takes the time to profile each main character in the show in a way that shows the main characters walking the Christian life.  There are those who need their faith to be tangible (John Locke), those who believe but don't know all the basis for why (Mr. Ekko) and those who were born to be leaders but lack the faith needed to really jump out there and do it (Jack).   Covering heavy topics like faith and guilt while unraveling the mystery of this complicated is no easy feat...but Mr. Seay does it with polished ease!

Cover Information:
An epic journey into the deepest mysteries of our faith.

Lost is NOT just a television show. It has become larger than that-a massive story filled with mystery that has garnered over twenty million participants. Some might call them viewers, but one does not just watch Lost, one participates in it. It demands that you dialogue with the story, seeking theories and comparing yourself to characters. Lost breaks all the formulas for television, and in doing so has drawn together millions of people on a shared journey that explores life, faith, history, science, philosophy, hope, and the basic questions of what it means to be human. It is the seemingly infinite ideas, philosophies, and biblical metaphors that make this story so engaging.

The focus on faith and truth is never more clearly explained than in the words of John Locke as he questions Jack Shepherd asking "Why do you find it so hard to believe?" Jack responds quickly "Why do you find it so easy?" But Locke declares "It's never been easy." This tension between Faith and Reason drives every episode and story line. Locke summed this up as he explained to Jack "That's why you and I don't see eye‐to‐eye sometimes, because you're a man of science…Me, well, I'm a man of faith."

I loved the comparisons, the little details all laid out carefully and the passion with which God's story is laid out.  A must have for any other Lost-oholics who are also avoiding the weekly 12 step meetings! :)

I review for BookSneeze

**Thomas Nelson provided me this book for a book review and is allowing me to keep this title once finished. I get nothing else in way of compensation...other than the chance to fill my heart and soul with an excellent read. :) **

Looking up as always...

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Anonymous said...

I almost got this one. I was a Lost-oholic until last year. I had enough stress and tension in my life and decided to remove my indented fingers from the couch for a while. Thanks for yet another parallel between you and I!


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