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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prayers Needed: Skin Deep...?

~ Kim ~
She's 5'3, naturally a brunette and wears heels.
If you saw her out and about, you would probably think to yourself something along the lines of:
"Gosh she's beautiful!"
"She's a trendy dresser..."
"I wonder who does her hair? I love it!!"
"She has a great smile!"
"Gorgeous eyes!"
"She has a wonderful laugh!"

~ Jenna ~
She barely hits 5'1, will probably never grow another inch as she is 17 and she loves her pj's!
If you saw her at the store, you would probably think to yourself something along the lines of:
"Wow! Those eyes are amazing!"
"Did you see her smile??"
"She is just adorable!"
"What a polite young lady!"
"Wish I had the body to wear those clothes!!"
"She has the complextion a porcelin doll."

~ Skylar ~
At 5 foot, this 13 year old is quickly creeping up on her older sister, she loves to laugh really loud and is a complete dork!
If you saw her at my house, you would probably think to yourself something along the lines of:
"Punky Brewster meets the year 2000....love it!!"
"What a contagious laugh!"
"She looks like a fun time to be around!"
"Could she get any cuter?"
"Absolutely adorable!"

"She has never met a day she didn't like!"

You see thier pics...
You can judge for yourself their beauty and their open smiles...
You can find the things that make them mother and daughter...
...the things that make them sisters.
You can decide for yourself what you see...

But go back up there and really look.
Can you see the heartbreak that looms behind their eyes?
Can you see the hope and joy that fights each day to stay alive?
Can you peer into their eyes and see the tears that lie just below the surface?
Could you tell that if you said "how are you?",
you would break open the dam of hearts that are over-filled with dark emotion?

These faces that you are looking at are my heart.
They are a huge part of my life.
They are the faces of a best friend and her daughters...
...a woman I love as myself.
...girls I love as if they were my own.

These faces are every bit as beautiful as you may have first thought when you first saw them...
...and I challenge you to keep your first thoughts...
...but I also challenge you to look again:
Do you see evidence of:

Kim's bleeding heart?
Skylar's fearful heart?
Jenna's deep battle with depression?

These faces are the faces of Bi-Polar disorder...
the face of the girl who suffers with the dark reality of depths so low that words can't paint them.
Kim and Skylar:
 the faces of the ones who love her so deeply that it pains them to even breathe on some days.

Right now, a battle is waging within Jenna that is threatening to tear this family apart and she is giving herself over to the beliefs that she isn't worth fighting for.

Right now, Skylar is fighting to be compassionate in the drama that ensues and is working her tail off to be her own person.

Right now, Kim is watching her daughter throw her life away... she is fighting to keep believing in tomorrow...in her daughter...in herself.

And right now, I am asking you for your prayers.
Pray that Jenna would allow God to love her even as she hates herself.
Pray that Skylar would continue the good fight of just being herself.
Pray that Kim's broken Mama Bear heart would be comforted by the God who loves them all.
Pray that His hand will be seen...accepted...and that it would guide them thru this nightmare.

Thank you...all.

Looking up as always...


angie said...

Prayers for that beautiful family.

Diane said...

It breaks my heart to see anyone in bondage. God's desire is freedom!!!!! The devil is a theif and liar. He hates families. I pray right now for a miracle for this family far beyond all we could ever expect or deserve. I pray Jesus blood to cover, save, heal and DELIVER from the spirits of darkness and deception. God is STRONGER. Let them feel your loving arms around each of them even tonight. Give them dreams and let them know that complete strangers love them with God's love. Hugs, :O)

alicia said...

ugh. I have no words. My heart is breaking for them. i am on my knees in prayer.

Tamika: said...

Bina, thank you for allowing me to intercede for this family. The realm of the enemy is restricted to feeble attacks that he cannot win- if he were a winner he would have won at Calvary!

God's so rich in love that he promises that nothing can seperate us from it, not death, life, principalities, nor powers can seperate us from His love.

It is my sincere prayer that He deliver this family from the throngs of lies and deceit planted by the evil one. He is faithful to keep His Word.

Please keep us posted.

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

I hate the way the enemy comes against us. I will pray for freedom for these beautiful daughters of God.

Karen said...

Bina, your words were breathtakingly lovely. Then you slammed us with reality. I can't imagine Kim's heartache. I will pray for this family, please let us know how they are doing.

Stephanie said...

Hi Bina-
My prayers have been said. I will pray everyday...xo

Faith Imagined said...

What a powerful post! I am sending prayers their way!

Bina said...

I thank you ALL for your willingness to take the time to read this story...and then to go the step further and pray for them. I know I speak for Kim when I say: THANKS... You are all amazing and appreciated.

Alicia said...

Bina..what a wonderful friend you are to stand in the gap for them. I, too will be praying for them!

Rick and Monique Elgersma said...

I found out my parents rounded up an army of nearly 500 prayers for my struggles a time long ago. Man do I love prayers.

Tea With Tiffany said...

I understand all of this pain. I felt like you were writing my story. I've wore the smile and felt so empty. I'm so thankful God's love pushed through my darkness because I feel so free now. Still broken but more whole than ever before. I'm sure here on earth we will always have a sore spot or two.

God is faithful to hear our cries for help. I am praying for these precious three. Jenna, Skylar and Kim. I wish I could love on each of them eye to eye and voice to voice. I hate knowing things are hard. I remember all too well. I'm believing for freedom and joy and love to invade their hearts! Today...

~*Michelle*~ said...

Praising you for bringing beautiful faces and beautiful stories to the name of an ugly disease that is robbing people of the lives that God has planned and promised them.

in prayer for your friends....you are truly a blessing, Bina!

Terra said...

I am praying for peace and healing for this beautiful family.


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