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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grace Gifts, Week 5

In my "middle-of-the-week-of-this-crazed-hyperactivity-that-is-my-life" tradition, I lay out the things that I see each day that I know are gifts from God...soft, sweet kisses to my cheeks. If you want more info on what this is, where I got the idea from or why I am doing it, you should start with my first post on Grace Gifts here.

And now, on with the show:

52. California's version of fall and the clouds that it brings along for the ride...

53. Looking through all the pics on my computer and seeing some of me that make me admit that I really have lost weight
(...and the answer is NO...I won't post them.  Maybe one day soon a loss of pride will make it on the list, but that day surely it isn't today.)

54.  Being crowded onto a bed with all my girlies watching Biggest Loser even tho TV was supposed to be off limits till the weekend (ya ya, I know...yesterday and then again today...am 0 for 2...but who really cares?!?!)

55. Not having a migraine today.

56.  Page-long, handwritten love notes from my amazing 11 year old son that end with the words "I hope you don't forget that I love you so much and I would hate to lose you!" Not sure what I did to deserve such a young man, but I thank God for him.

57. A renewed and recharged relationship with my beautiful mother...for being able to truly love her with all my heart for the first time in a very long time AND for getting to go to lunch with her today.  God is good!  (Here she is in her late 20's...Julia Robert's smile and all!)

58. Phone calls that begin with: "Duju want a burrito?" *sigh*

59. Getting to hear from God's heart, even if it does sting mine just a bit...

60. Going to the mailbox only to find a heart-warming, tear-inducing, praising-God gift from a dear friend all the way across the USA...

They are simple...some make me laugh and some make me take a deep breath...but all are lovely and pure...all are excellent and true...all are real. They are the blessings that make up my life...they are my the physical showing of grace from God's hand....and they cause my cup to run over!

What are yours today?

Listening to my husband sneeze while he tries to convince me that he isn't sick while looking up as always...


alicia said...

Blessing number 1,876,456,400: you fixed the comments!
And the realization that you have lost weight, priceless! You go girl!! Sounds like your week has been great and once again, you have found many blessings that can carry you on again through another week. Glad you have a friend that can make you cry (that's what friends are for!) enjoy lunch with your mom!!

Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

You know, I click things thinking I am changing one thing only to close off my comments AGAIN! I am leaving it all alone from now on...sheesh!

:) Hugs my friend

Diane said...

I love your thankful list. I would have to take notes all day because, sadly, I forget them by the end of the day. Need to have more of an attitude of gratefulness in general. :O)

Tamika: said...

Bina, I love your Grace Gifts! It's amazing all the things God pours into our lives to remind us of His infinite love.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Karen said...

Your list always finds me smiling and thinking of blessings I take for granted. Just a while ago, my hubbie gave me the LAST oreo cookie in the package. Can you believe it? :)

Deborah Ann said...

Oh, I love #59!!! It does sting sometimes, doesn't it? But it's all good in the end. It's so very good.



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