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Sunday, September 20, 2009

In The Middle Place

It has been a weekend full of laughter, love and life at home.  Nothing special happened.  No extreme highs and no devastating lows.  Just an easy glide within the updraft that keeps me in the middle place that I crave but rarely see.

But as I end this weekend with some quiet reflection time, I come to this passage within the 33rd Psalm:

"From heaven the Lord looks down
and sees all humankind;
from His dwelling place He watches
all who live on earth--
He who forms the hearts of all,
who considers everything they do."
I didn't spend a lot of time thinking on Him these past few days, I am sorry to admit...but even as I focused on the joy that filled my home and heart, I am touched to be reminded that He never once took His mind from me! 

While I was living my life this weekend, He sat on His holy throne and heard my laughter...  He watched me wrestle our youngest from too small pants while she laughed so hard that her sweet face turned purple...  He thought of me as I sat in my car with a dear friend, cracking stupid jokes while tears poured out of pure happiness...  Did He smile as I snuggled during a "mom and me" movie moment...as I was wrapped up in my husband's warm embrace...as I praised His name in song at church...as I noticed something amuck with the potato salad...as I was just me, without the added pressures that can often be thrown?

As I went about my life...He went about keeping a close eye on me: considering the thoughts of my heart and the pathmarks of my feet.  WHAT an amazing God we serve!  Knowing I don't deserve such devoted love, my heart smiles to know that His grace and mercy flow from a river full of rich life...and I praise Him with all my forgiven heart!

....so?  How was your weekend??

Listening to Avalon's California while looking up as always...


alicia said...

Glad to hear that you had a great weekend of being in His presence! I love how you take joy in those moments and take time to look back and say "yup, He was there"
Have a great day!

Susie said...

I just read Psalm 33 this morning! That's crazy!!! This post was moving... it is incomprehensible that HE NEVER takes His eyes off of us, and never stops loving us. Unbelievable...


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