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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grace Gifts, Week 2

Love got us noticed from heaven.
Mercy saved us from the sentence of our sin.
But grace is the continual gift from the hand of the Father to us, the sheep that are His and that follow the soft whispers of His voice. In following my new tradition based on the blog called Holy Experience, I am here to be purposeful in taking the time to list things that I am grateful for...big or small...complicated or simple...just to be dedicated to taking the time to stop and be thankful for the gifts that pour from His grace... The goal? Get to 1,000 blessings...by counting them one by one.

Grace Gifts for this week include:

14. The sounds of "Bee-Bye" coming from my nearly 8 year old's mouth as she tries to guilt me into computer time

15. The ability to express myself in writing...as it releases the heaviness of my soul.

16. Ice Cream...because how does it NOT make the world a better place???

17. Posts on facebook ~ or rather the 17 comments that come after the post as friends get to gabbing about "Blog Operas" and "mean strangers" met online :)

18. God's ability to take our past to fulfill the hearts of our present...finding love in a place where once there was only pain...

19. "Shhhh!"

20. The loud whisper of Fall as it breaks thru the forcefield of summer's heat, bringing out the chill, warm blankets and thoughts of warm fires.

21. ...the fact that the Bee-Bye girl is still here, sitting next to me and now singing a song she is making up on the fly about crying over lost computer time.

22. Knowing that we have a home, cars and an income...however tight things may be, I praise Him for warm beds, filling meals and transportation.

23. Warm hugs on the driveway as my hubby arrives home from work.

24. Laughter with my mother after many failed attempts to stack boxes without them falling over...crashes in the hallway, juicy steak and good talks.

25. Knowing God loves me simply...loves me fully...loves me unyieldingly...loves me faithfully

26. Play fighting while in the car with our son...reaching over to pop his face and instead injecting my finger into his eye...tears and "Mooooom!!! You totally poked my eye out!!!"...me laughing so hard I didn't see the green on the traffic signal while complaining that he got "eye boogars" on me.  Gross...but oh so funny.  Good times, good times.

27. Text messages from Texas that make me giggle and sometimes snort coke out my nose.

28. Watching our dog beg for the bowl that I just sat down after finishing said ice cream

They are simple...some make me laugh and some make me take a deep breath...but all are lovely and pure...all are excellent and true...all are real. They are the blessings that make up my life...they are my the physical showing of grace from God's hand....and they cause my cup to run over!

What are yours?
Listening to Bee-Bye's I will cry all night cuz I didn't get to be on the computer while looking up as always...


alicia said...

I love this idea, glad you were able to rip it off from Ann Voskamp! I am partial to #17 as well as a blessing... sounds like you know some crazy people, maybe you should watch out! ;)
Huge blessing this week to listen to the sound of my 6 year old sing "Why should we pray just a few times a day at meal times and bedtimes and such?"
The ability to come before friends in this blog world, and to see how God brings new friends in to tear down emotional barriers and expose a raw heart.
Still in awe of His greatness of bringing lives together from opposite ends of the country and feeding my soul thru that.
God is Good, All the Time!

steph said...

Just noticed "Shhh!" hehe! Brings a smile to me knowing that is a blessing to you. :-)

Bina said...

You both made my thankful list...because you both bring such smiles to my face and to my heart. I thank God for all that you are...and hope that He shows Himself to you today!


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