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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh What I Forget!

As the do-it-all-at-home mother of five healthy, happy and rather loud children, I often find myself wishing for time alone....for the noise to stop...for the house to stay clean long enough for me to enjoy the fact that it is clean!
Three weeks ago my parents came in from their home in Utah and took three of our girls on a "Marvelous Adventure" of camping and time at thier house. In the time that those kids were gone, the other two have been in and out to camp and have spent the night at their friend's houses. So, in three weeks, God has provided me with plenty of great alone time...as well as time for me to simply be my husband's wife, which I appreciated as it doesn't happen much.
My parents came in today to return the three they borrowed and tomorrow afternoon leave with the two who are dying to go. And now that they are all in bed, I sit here and realize how MUCH I really love the noise...how the mess keeps me from living out of laziness...and that being alone means that my normally full lap is empty. The sounds of them all together again in our pool still rings in my ears...and I know just how very much God has blessed my life!

So...if I can get the pics uploaded before my husband tries to push more keys on the laptop's keyboard (simply because he hates typing on this thing and it "looks cool, the way you are typing so fast on it"...*sigh*...too late), I will show y'all what my life looks like on a daily basis. These are my urchins...my "oh-my-gosh-I'm-going-to-scream" makers...the little people that I would give my life for...my babies!

Looking up as always...
~A mom named Bina~

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