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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ron & Bina + 5

My hubby had his deacon's meeting at church so that left me with the five kiddos. Dinner was done and the dishes were in the dishwasher. The house was as picked up as I had the energy to clean. Our son and three of our girls were busy decorating the dishwasher box and our oldest was doing homework so I took the chance to sit and relax for a bit.
I plopped down on my bed and put in the first disc to Season 3 of "Jon & Kate + 8". (I got all three seasons for Valentine's because I LOVE that show and, since I was in bed sick all day on V-Day, had already burned thru the other two seasons.). Call me crazy, but I was actually really looking forward to this set of shows as I hadn't seen too much of them on TLC reruns... So I grabbed my favorite pillow, stretched out on my belly and pushed play.
First JuJu wandered in silently to sit on the floor...she was followed closely by Liz who had finished her homework and worked herself down on my right side. Realizing that the bed offered more comfort, JuJu moved to my left side about the same time that Joe crawled in and took the place she left on the floor. Em snuck up and onto my back and placed her chin on my shoulder. Last, but not least, LT peeked in to see where everyone had snuck off to only to be quickly pulled into the chaos, screaming and smiles that makes up this show.
I wish to the heavens that I had had the ability to take a picture of that moment... Me totally surrounded by my own babies (who are no longer babies) watching a show that reminds me so much of our own crazy brood when Ron and I first met. (We had 5 kids ages 6 and under.)
But while I have no photographic proof that that hour and 20 minutes existed, it is forever burned into my heart as one of the moments in my life that being a mom was nothing more than togetherness and laughter.

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Anonymous said...

How awesome is that. :)


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